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Chromotherapy (“color therapy”)

is one of the oldest forms of medicine. It goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece where physicians treated patients in “color healing temples”.
Patients with disorders ranging from emotional to physical were placed in color baths – rooms painted specific colors felt to help heal their ailments.In addition, patients were often placed under skylights to drink in the full spectrum of colors found in natural sunlight.

Today, we have a wide variety of color-healing modalities. When working with large areas of the body, specific color filters are shone over the body for 20-30 minutes or more. The effects are often immediate and long-lasting. For example, a person with low energy can benefit from one of the warmer colors such as red, orange or yellow; a person with too much energy or anxiety would find blue, indigo or violet calming. In working with large areas, silk scarves coded to the specific frequencies of the 7 rainbow colors can be laid directly over the body. The vibrational frequency of that color is then imparted to the physical body via the person’s energy field. For everyday use at home, eyeglasses with colored lenses can be worn for 15-20 minutes a day and will prompt shifts in physical and emotional states. These glasses come in all colors of the rainbow, in addition to magenta, turquoise and pink. It is interesting to note that pink eyeglasses were studied and developed to help calm overactive schoolchildren and then were used later with prison populations and in both cases there was a drop in aggression and overactivity and an increase in calm.
Precise appliations of color can also be applied to specific acupuncture points via a special light pen, similar to acupuncture but without needles.

Chromotherapy can be used alone or in combination with other forms of therapy. For example, traditional psychotherapy can be augmented with light treatments to hasten resolution of long-standing issues.


“My treatment with color scarves and filtered light has helped me sleep better and feel more centered. Learning about how different colors affect my energy centers has also helped me become more creative and understanding.”

– Lourdes O.

“My name is Lorna, and my son Leron was started on color therapy by Dr. Milau. This was very good for him as he has a sleeping disorder known as narcolepsy where he can’t keep his eyes open and falls asleep easily. Dr. Milau gave Leron a pair of orange-colored eyeglasses to wear for about twenty minutes to half an hour each day, and it helped balance his being able to stay awake longer. The color therapy has been very good for him.”

– Lorna W.

“Through the use of light therapy and Reiki Dr. Milau helped my elderly mother with anxiety related to her progressing dementia. The therapies were especially well-suited to my mother, who has been experiencing the loss of expressive language because they reached her on a non-verbal level. In addition, Dr. Milau is especially intuitive and attuned to her patient’s needs. Under her care, my mother’s mood and self-awareness improved, and she regained her appetite and energy so that she could resume many of the activities she previously enjoyed.”

– Signed S.R.


Private sessions are booked by appointment and last from 45 minutes - 1 hour

Cost: $200.00/session